Kashyap Mahavadi is an engineering graduate from BITS Pilani. He hails from a background of doctors, healthcare professionals and well-established businessmen. After college, he joined Merilytics, an analytics-based startup which provides data-driven solutions to clients across the globe. Kashyap excelled in his 2.5-year stint at Merilytics, where he received various accolades such as “Distinctive Individual Performance” award etc., consecutive appraisals to managerial roles and opportunities to work on-site in the US. At Merilytics, Kashyap worked with senior clients across industries such as Private Equity, CPG, Logistics, Consumer Finance, Real Estate, Hospitality etc. to provide solutions that helped the company survive or grow. After this, Kashyap moved on to his family business Vivimed Labs (listed on the NSE/BSE) which is a multi-national pharma manufacturing firm with factories in 5 countries including Spain, UK, Hungary, Mexico and India. As part of the corporate strategy team, Kashyap worked on a complex cross-border divestment of the specialty chemicals business division (valued at ~INR 275Cr) which involved working with several internal and external stakeholders such as IB analysts, Fund managers, valuers, legal etc. While doing all this, Kashyap also developed a hunger for creating a purpose in corporates and that drew him to Aspire. He has started his own #supportsmallbusiness campaign where he advises small entrepreneurs on matters of pricing, launching and financial strategies.

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